Forums Music Discussion by Genres Dubstep Why are there so many drops in dubstep right around the 1 minute mark?

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    Have you noticed this before?


    The 1 minute mark is kind of the golden time to have drops in dubstep. Also many producers use the same arrangements on their tracks.



    We must admit: we like what we already know, yet we seek for new things. So the tune should be balanced:
    – we produce more and more sophisticated sounds and get more and more rare samples
    – we have to keep this familiarity factor, which in this case is the song arrangement. Have you heard these old Dubstep Allstars mixes? Or Tectonic Plates series? Or so many others? They all are arranged not only in the same way but also mostly in the same tempo and even in the same key… Yet we recognize who is who 😀

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